About Us

(Here at Twenty First Century Herbs) we are fourth generation traditional herbalists, based in the heart of Northumberland – Britain’s last wilderness.

  • We are dedicated to preserving traditional approaches to herbalism, including sustainable sourcing of herbs as well as a treatment method that works on causes not symptomatic control. Treating the causes of diseases rather than the symptoms means that treatment does not have to be continuous. Another aspect to traditional herbalism as opposed to modern treatment is that we use local remedies as we believe these will treat local environmental issues better.
  • We offer personalised services; whether it’s a one off remedy for a cough or a cold, or treatment for a long standing problem - we are here to help. Our wide range of clinical formulas are designed to treat most problems, but for those more difficult conditions we offer a free 15 minute consultation with our expert herbalist (or longer if requested *put link in to book*).
  • Courses are available whether it’s a Weekend Hedgerow Medicines Workshop or our popular Iridology (Iris diagnosis) course. Our courses are run by Nik Imrye, our most experienced and founding member of staff, he has written course material for leading schools of Herbal Medicine and has been a herbal practitioner for over 30 years. The course takes place in Nik's woodland home (as seen below)